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Director  of National Cadet Corps


In accordance with Section 38 of the Manpower Mobilization and Auxiliary Force Act (Act No 10 of 1985) His Excellency the President appoints a military experienced intellectual from Sri Lanka Army as the Director NCC. The Director is responsible for the administration, training, discipline, and efficiency of the Corps. He is also responsible to the Minister of Defence for the command and control of the NCC and has the authority to make regulations in accordance with the aforesaid Act.

The First Director of the National Cadet Corps appointed as such was Major General ED Thevanayagam VSV. Then Brigadier Justus B Rodrigo VSV took over in 1991. After his tenure Major General TN De Silva USP was appointed in 1994.He relinquished his duties in 1999 and the next Director Brigadier GSM Ranathunga USP was appointed in 2000. He served till 2002 and Major General WR Wijerathne USP took over as the Director. He served for 2 years and left in 2004 .Brigadier DHMRB Thammita RSP Ldmc was the next Director to be head of the NCC. He served till 2005 and Major General GBW Jayasundara RWP RSP took over as the Director. In the year 2013, Major General HMHA Herath MSc was appointed as the director of the NCC and he served until the February of 2015. In the year 2015, Major General LWCBB Rajaguru RWP,RSP,USP,Ldmc was appointed as the director of the NCC and he served until the July of 2016. On 11.07.2016 the present Director Major General AKP Wickramasinghe USP was appointed by His Excellency the president to command this prestigious institution.