National Cadet Corps Training Centre


    The cadet movement in Sri Lanka began way back in 1881 at Royal College , Colombo by then Principal Mr. John B Cull. Simultaneously cadet companies of boys over 16 years of age exercised in military drill by CLI Instructors at St. Thomas College, Wesley College , Richmond College – Galle , Trinty and Kingdwood College – Kandy. The main purpose of introducing this fundamental reconstruction to an existing orthodox curriculum was to exercise students in military drills resulting in the promotion of discipline in schools.
In 1903 teachers became trainers and cadets commenced camping at Diyathalawa Volunteer Force Training Camp with British and Indian soldiers. These camps were interrupted during the war Years. Everyone looked forward to attending these camps in August every year. The first senior cadet camp held after war broke out was in 1944, and this was held in Diyathalawa under canvas tents, the Battalion camped out in companies for a period of ten days.
On 2nd December 1990 the NCC was privileged to establish its own  Training Centre at Rantambe and that was declared open by General Syril Ranathunga VSV, the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence. The building complex that had been used as living quarters by Germans who constructed Randenigala and Rantambe reservoirs. Later lot of new constructions were added to provide infrastructure to cadet training.
The Training Centre is pledged with a parade square, confidence building track, firing range, officers’ mess, welfare shop and other facilities to provide necessary infrastructure to cadet training.
There had been   16  commandants since the Training Centre was established. The present commandant is Lieutenant Colonel Palitha Mendis a proud product of prestigious National Cadet Corps.





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The Commandant

National Cadet Corps Training Centre

Lt.Col Palitha Mendis


   Lt.Col Palitha Mendis assumed duties as the commandant of NCCTC Rantabe on 22nd Dec 2016. As the commandant he has been rendering commendable service to the training center since 2016.
He is a proud product of the Hikkaduwa, Seenigama Wimalabuddi MV and Baddegama Christ Church boys college.
 He joined to the first batch of Hapitigam College of Education 1985 after his A/L. Completing the course successfully in the college of education he became a qualified teacher achieving a National Diploma in Teaching. While in the field of teaching he was  graduated as a bachelor of Education.
He joined NCC in 1988 as a Probationary Officer having completed the Probationary Officer course Intake 03 which was  held at MTC Rathmalana. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant with effect from 9th April in 1990 and posted to first Battalion NCC at Hikkaduwa. While continuing the period of his service as a commissioned officer, he was called for the active service and joined 9SLNG in the Sri Lanka Army as a mobilized officer. During his 19 years of Military Career holding various posts, as the Platoon Commander, Company Commander , Bn.Int. officer, Adjutant, Command & Admin Coy Commander, OIC Youth Ranger Training Center he has served in 9SLNG Batticaloa, 18SLNG Yaala, 20SLNG Kankaraayankulam, Youth Corps Aththanagalla and during the period of  humanitarian operation at SFHQ Wanni.
After reporting duties at the NCC he was appointed as GSO I Cadet Assessment and Exams at NCCTC. He has completed a praiseworthy service as the Commanding Officer of 7th and 8th Bn. Of NCC.
In recognition of the service rendered to SL Army he was awarded by the Poornaboomi, Rivirasa, Liberation of East, Liberation of North, Army 50th Anniversary, 50th Independent  and North East Medal and was facilitated NCC awarding 125th anniversary, Sisubata Prenama Seva, Hermoloos Century badges and  NCCTC 25 th anniversary medals.
Lt.Col. Palitha Mendis is married to Lasanthi and they have one daughter Linoja and two sons Budwin and Ranitu. 

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Past Commandants - National Cadet Corps Training Centre

1990.02.20-1991.07.31 Major NMB Weerakoon NCC
1997.08.01-1992.07.01 Major SD Sooriyakumara NCC
1991.07.02-1993.07.01 Col WK Wickramasekara SLA
1993.07.02-1994.12.31 Col HW Senavirathne NCC
1995.01.01-1996.01.15 Lt.Col DB Rajasinghe SLSR
1996.01.16-1997.08.06 Major SD Sooriyakumara NCC
1997.08.07-2000.04.10 Lt.Col GVSB Shanthasiri NCC
2000.04.11-2002.05.31 Major PKBR Millawana NCC
2002.06.01-2003.01.14 Major YASK Jayasinghe NCC
2003.01.15-2003.11.30 Major WAS Abeyrathna NCC
2003.12.01-2004.12.01 Lt.Col GVSB Shanthasiri NCC
2004.12.02-2006.12.05 Lt.Col YASK Jayasinghe NCC
2006.12.06-2008.02.08 Lt.Col SD Sooriyakumara NCC
2008.02.09-2009.05.06 Lt.Col RM Premadasa NCC
2009.05.07-2011.12.31 Lt.Col SJST Dharmapala NCC
2012.01.01-2013.10.26 Col SJST Dharmapala NCC
2013.10.27-2014.02.07 Col YK Abeyrathne NCC
2014.02.08-2014.12.11 Col DS Abeygunarathna NCC
2014.12.12-2014.12.28 Col SD Sooriyakumara NCC
2014.12.29-2015.06.14 Col YASK Jayasinghe NCC
2015.06.15-2016.11.21 Lt.Col MMU Munasinghe NCC
2016.11.22- Lt.Col LP Mendis NCC